How to Rank a YouTube Video in Google

How to Rank a YouTube Video in Google Results

One of my favorite methods of getting income is ranking a YouTube video in Google results for a relatively competitive keyword. This method is basic SEO 101 and is not really anything new. However, it works and it works very well for me. I like to target CPA offers, clickbank products, and high priced amazon items.

I create a video related to my niche and provide some decent content. Sometimes I will make a video that is nothing but a testimonial of a website or product depending what I am promoting. In the video description I will write around a 300 word article targeting the keywords I want to rank. I place my raw website link before the description under the video. I also make sure my video title has my main keyword that I want to rank for in it.

Note: Do not use an affiliate URL in the video description. You should have your own landing page with high quality content.

You’re almost on your way to ranking a YouTube video in Google’s results. You should have a nice video setup and optimized for your keywords. So let’s get it ranked! This method is basically the same as the parasite method. Since google trusts YouTube we can slaughter the video with tons of backlinks.

I create one article and manually spin it. This makes it for the most part readable. If you followed my finding expired web 2.0’s post you should have some web properties with some PR. I will take 5 of the manually spun articles and place them on different web 2.0 properties with a link to my video. Three of the articles will have my keywords I’m trying to rank for. One article will have a naked url to the video, and the last one will have a generic anchor like “click here” linking to the video. I have done this method without the high PR 2.0’s and it worked fine. I have also skipped this step altogether and was still able to rank my video’s fairly easy. However, I find my videos rank much faster if I use the high PR web 2.0’s.

The last step! Hammer the web 2.0’s with tons of links. I use GSA Search Engine Ranker to blast my 2.0’s and my actual YouTube video with links. If you don’t have SER I would highly recommend you get it, but you can find gigs on fiverr to give you the same type of link blasts. You can find GSA Search Engine Ranker for around a $100 and if you plan on ranking multiple videos on YouTube it would be well worth the price. If your using fiverr, you will need to order a minimum of 6 gigs to cover all the web 2.0’s and the YouTube page. I setup up each web 2.0 as a new project and I also setup the video page as its own project. So this should give you 6 total new GSA Ser projects. I use all the keywords I am targeting for the web 2.0 sites and only target the main keyword for the video page and set it to have 60% anchor text. Because YouTube is trusted in Google’s eyes we are able to target a higher anchor text percentage.

If you have done everything I listed above and used decent quality content, you should be able to rank your video in Google. However, you may notice a side effect of getting your video ranked. Your video should (not always) start ranking high in YouTube. This depends a lot on the content and video quality, but also depends on user interaction. If people start liking your video and making comments expect it to rise in YouTube’s results. This is why I say to use quality content for the video, description, and the landing page the user will go to.

As an internet marketer you should be thinking about how to apply this to other things besides YouTube. You could do this with articles on an article site or answers site. There are so many different variations you could do with this method. This about sums it up; If you have any questions feel free to post them below.

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