The First Post!

I have contemplated building a blog like this for quite a while. I have been creating sites and online businesses for a long time now. Most of the things I have learned have been from doing things on my own. I have found that forums are full of misinformation and the majority of “helpful” people only want your money. It also seems that if one person with a high post count says something everyone else will repeat the same thing even if it’s not correct. I have found this to be mostly true at forums like warrior forum and other places like digital point. This even rings true for BHW, although it’s not as noticeable as the mainstream forums. I’ll even admit to doing the same thing if I thought it would lead to a sale through my signature link. There are very few places to get real information that can help you create a full time career as an internet marketer. The number one thing to remember is that everyone wants to make a sale off of you one way or another. Even the places I have found reliable info at still want to make a buck from you.

Note: Stay away from the warrior forum’s WSO section. It is very possible to find some great items in there, but 90% are rehashed crap you can find anywhere on the interwebs. The few things I purchase from the WSO’s forum are software related items, and that’s because it is usually cheaper in the WSO forum than anywhere else. I have seen so many beginners fall into a habit of buying every new WSO that comes out and never doing anything.

I am going to dispel as much bad information as I can and also point you in the right direction to really help you along your IM career. Since this is my first post and I don’t have anything of value on my blog yet, I am going to point you to a couple of places that offer real information.

Matthew Woodward, I truly respect this guy and his blog. Keep in mind the purpose of his blog is to make affiliate commissions, but the quality of the content he provides is one of the best. He has honest reviews of software tools that you will need at some point. There are some things I do not agree with him about, but he is mostly right on. Most of his stuff/reviews revolve around “black hat” tools. Once you’ve been in this industry long enough you will realize there is no color to the hats people wear. It’s all about making money! I will say this though; don’t go crazy buying everything he recommends. There are a lot of tools you will not need unless you are a full time SEO. However, GSA SER comes highly recommended by me. Do not, I repeat do NOT buy Ultimate Demon; GSA SER runs circles around it for a fraction of the price. Do check out his tutorials on blogging and tiered linking, they are some of the best ones out right now.

Jacob King, has some great content on his blog, but it is getting a little out dated. The scrapebox stuff he has is probably all you will ever need. I’m pretty sure it has been rehashed into a guide and sold for money on various places. His other articles are definitely worth a read but just keep an eye on the dates.

There are quite a few more places I like, but I will create another post later on where you can find relevant and solid information about internet marketing.

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