If you haven’t figured it out by now, my name is Keefe Higgins. I am an internet marketer and a software developer. I have a wife and three crazy but great kids. My true love is software development, but marketing holds a special place in my heart.

I started my IM career back in 2006. I built up an empire without having any budget for tools or marketing. I bought a domain name and hosted it on a pc in my house. Within two months I was earning enough money to afford hosting and started buying more domains. Little did I know this would be the begging of something great. I also have to hand it to my wife; she put up with me working all kinds of crazy hours and handled our first born without a lot of help from me. The work I started doing in 06 helped land me a job with a great company doing affiliate management and website development. This really gave me the inside knowledge of website marketing. I started handling SEO, PPC, link building, and about everything else related to our site promotions.

I was always on a tight budget in the first few years of my IM career, and used mainly free tools and tactics to build my networks. My earnings would come in and go out to my family. This often left me with no budget to get tools or services to help increase my IM revenue. This was probably the best thing to happen to me because I actually learned the inner workings of everything. I literally did everything manually. Link building, competition analysis, scraping, keyword finding, I mean I did everything by hand. As my web development skills increased I started developing my own automated tools to help with my networks. This eventually led into my software development career.

Software development has been my favorite part of my career. I have created various desktop tools for automating everything around my web work. I will probably release some of the tools on this blog to help those that can’t afford to spend a lot of money on software yet. The majority of my software scrapes or decompiles various sites or data.

Along with software development I have also ran ecommerce stores very successfully. I even had an ebay store that did 300,000$ in sales a year for three years straight using only dropshipping. I created a tool that would update my store with listings from my dropshippers. Unfortunately this was my least favorite business venture. It involved hours of manually placing drop ship orders every day. I eventually hired a couple of va’s to do this for me. However, the error rate they had was high and led to me having to hire more expensive US based helpers. In the end the ebay business turned out to be much more work than it was worth for me. My profit margin on my ecommerce sites were 50 times as much as my ebay profit margins and required a lot less work. The ebay fees kept rising and rising and eventually I just decided it was no longer worth it and closed down my store.

I rambled a little more than I thought I was going to, but here’s the bottom line: I have a ton of experience with web based businesses and started everything from scratch with virtually no budget. I started with nothing and have built up an extremely nice income. If I can do it anyone else can, but you have to be serious.

I am creating this blog because I am sick of seeing misinformation all around the web. Most internet marketers have one goal in mind; Making Money. Unfortunately this usually involves trying to sell beginners all kinds of crap that they don’t need. I am going to show you it is entirely possible to create various different revenue streams by using free tools and services.